How to open a bank account online?

bank account online

It is now possible to open an online bank account easily and quickly, directly on the internet, from your computer or smartphone. Online banks in particular offer this means of subscription, but traditional banks are also doing it.

It is possible to open a bank account from your computer in an online bank , but also in a traditional bank. Be careful however, in this second case, the online form generally allows you to subscribe to the online branch of the classic bank . The customer benefits from the same services at the same rates, but often does not have the possibility of going to a branch to meet an advisor. There is, for example, the Direct Agency of Société Générale.

However, online branches are not very competitive : as expensive as traditional banks, they eliminate one of their only advantages, the presence of a bank adviser in the branch… We therefore recommend either opening a bank account in a traditional bank, or in an online bank, but not in an online branch.

But which online bank to choose ?

There are several, mostly free, sometimes paid. After studying the rates, services, advantages and disadvantages of each of them, we were able to draw up a ranking. Find below the three best online banks that we have identified to open a bank account

As can be seen, Orange Bank and Hello One from Hello bank! do not require income conditions and are free. This means that all adult customers can subscribe to them, provided however that they are not prohibited from banking.

Opening an online bank account is now easier thanks to banking mobility, which allows you to change banks quickly. Indeed, the customer can ask the new bank to automatically transfer his banking operations to the new account.

Check eligibility requirements

After having compared online banks , it is then necessary, before subscribing, to check that the customer meets the eligibility conditions and can open an online bank account. Indeed, online banks require many conditions to subscribe (even if there are unconditional bank accounts).

Note that the bank will consult the files of the Banque de France in order to verify that the customer is not prohibited from banking .

If the consumer does not comply with these conditions, he will not be able to open a bank account online. Online banks are therefore a little more restrictive than a traditional bank. For example, because of the mandatory RIB, it will not be possible to open your very first bank account, except in neobanks that are testing innovative systems via smartphone.

Complete the online form

Once the customer has been able to choose his bank and check the eligibility conditions, he must now complete the subscription as such. To open a bank account, all online banks provide registration forms on the internet.

The process is simple, just fill out this form step by step. In particular, the customer must provide information on his personal situation (surname, first name, family situation), his contact details, his professional situation, then choose his banking offer (type of card, additional insurance, authorized overdraft amount, etc.).

Note that it is possible to save the form and continue the subscription at a later date if the consumer is short of time. He can also call a bank adviser at any time for assistance. Subscription is possible on both smartphone and PC.

After displaying a summary page – the consumer can then go back if he wishes to make a change – you can move on to signing the contract.

⚡ Promotional offers : offers from online banks allow you to receive a welcome bonus of at least €50 . In the case of Fortuneo and Boursorama Banque, it is necessary to copy the promo code (indicated on the bank’s home page) into the form. Better not to forget, otherwise the customer will not be able to benefit from the offer.

Sign the contract

open a bank account onlineIt is now mostly no longer necessary to send the online bank a signed contract by post to open a bank account. All have implemented a system called electronic signature, whose legal validity is exactly the same as a conventional signature.

How does it work? Online banking simply offers to send an SMS containing a code to the consumer. All they have to do is copy this code into the online form.

The electronic signature can significantly shorten the time required to open an online bank account. It also avoids having to print the file as well as the supporting documents that must be provided. This allows you to open a bank account quickly .

Send supporting documents

The most tedious step, so to speak: sending the supporting documents. All banks are indeed legally obliged to ask their customers for at least proof of identity and proof of address, in order to verify their identity. The consumer must therefore at least present these documents.

A proof of identity (identity card, passport), and sometimes even a second one (driving licence, passport, residence permit)

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