The Growing Labelling and Packaging Industry in the UAE

Labelling and Packaging Industry i

The labelling and packaging industry in the UAE has seen rapid growth in recent years, driven by the country’s thriving manufacturing, food processing, and logistics sectors. As products made in the UAE are increasingly exported around the world, professional labelling and packaging has become a must for businesses looking to compete globally. From simple product labels to complex, multi-colour packaging, UAE companies specializing in labels, sleeves, and flexible packaging provide solutions that not only identify products but also promote and protect them.

Printing Labels for Packages in UAE

Product shipping and distribution is a major industry in the UAE, owing to the country’s strategic location and extensive port and airport infrastructure. Companies shipping products domestically or overseas need high-quality labels on their packages for identification, instructions, warnings, advertising, and more. Label printing companies in the UAE use cutting-edge digital printing technology to produce labels of all sizes and complexity to meet their client’s specific requirements.

Labels printed for shipping packages commonly include details like:

  • Company name and logo prominently displayed.
  • Product name or code in bold, clear text
  • Destination address formatted as per postal standards.
  • Shipping instructions – e.g. fragile, this way up etc.
  • Barcodes and QR codes for tracking and scans
  • Product photos and descriptions highlighting features.
  • Legally required information and warnings as per regulations

Good printing labels for packages ensures the labels adhere properly to various packaging materials like cardboard, plastic, metal and withstand environmental conditions during transit. Top label printers in the UAE offer options like waterproof, tamper-evident and high-strength adhesive labels to suit the type of package and shipment. Weatherproofing is also offered to protect labels from moisture, UV rays, heat etc. For businesses with frequent packaging and shipping needs, custom branded labels help showcase their brand while meeting operational requirements.

Labels and Stickers Printing Services in UAE

From large FMCG conglomerates to small food processors, businesses in the UAE use stickers and labels to brand their products and packaging. Specialist label printing companies cater to their diverse labelling needs:

Food and Beverage Product Labels

Labels and stickers printing in UAE for food and beverage products sold must meet stringent legal requirements for inclusion of ingredients, nutritional information, expiry dates, allergy warnings, etc. Companies printing custom food labels ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Different materials like waterproof, food-grade, and tamper-evident labels can be used depending on the product type. Allergen warnings and licensing information are also prominently included.

Industrial and Chemical Labels

Companies in oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and other industrial sectors need tailored labels for raw materials, hazardous substances, equipment, parts etc. Industrial label printers offer specialized solutions like barcode labels for inventory management and product ID, safety and warning labels, asset tracking labels, pipe marking labels etc. Chemical drum labels include material handling guidelines, flammability and toxicity warnings, and emergency contact information.

Durable Goods and Promotional Labels

Labels for consumer products, electrical appliances, vehicles, promotional materials etc. focus on aesthetics, branding, and functionality. Print options like high-clarity photographic labels, matt or gloss finishes, and digitally printed content allow endless customization for brand promotion. Special laminates can be applied to labels to withstand wear and tear while maintaining crisp colours and graphics.

In addition to such labels, stickers are widely used for branding, advertising, and promotion in UAE. From simple monochrome to multicolour stickers, various special effects can be incorporated to grab consumer attention. Glossy laminated stickers, fluorescent stickers, and florescent stickers are popular options. Metallic finish and holographic stickers also add visual impact.

Lubricant Labels Printing Experts in UAE

The UAE is a major global hub for the oil and gas industry. This has spawned a thriving local industry providing specialized products and services like lubricants, greases, and other chemicals. Companies involved in lubricant manufacture, packaging, distribution, and export/import rely on expert label printing and application for their products.

Lubricant labels need to withstand exposure to oil, fuels, and chemicals. Top printing companies offer highly durable, oil-resistant labels that adhere properly to lubricant containers. Plastic drums and pails containing lubricants for industrial use need clear, informative warning labels. These include details like:

  • Lubricant name and application
  • Hazard and flammability warnings as per legal standards
  • Safety instructions for handling and first aid
  • Manufacturer and supplier details including contacts.
  • Production and expiry date
  • Barcodes and product IDs
  • Multilingual content

Label materials like polyethylene, polyester, and vinyl can withstand lubricant exposure. Digital printing allows flexibility in label design and content. Companies printing lubricant labels in UAE utilize technologies like QR codes for tracking inventory and enabling access to product information and safety data sheets.

In addition to warning labels, lubricant companies use appealing branding labels to stand out. Foil printing and embossing effects are used to create luxury, premium labels for high-end lubricants. Drum sticker labels also act as effective advertising tools at lubricant retailers.

For UAE’s lubricant and oil companies looking to compete globally, investing in distinctly designed, highly functional labels give their products an added edge. As labelling requirements grow ever more complex, partnering with an experienced label printing company ensures compliance and effective product promotion.

Trends in Labelling and Packaging in UAE

The labelling and packaging sector in the UAE continues to adopt the latest technologies and solutions. Some key trends shaping the industry include:

  • Demand for greater customization – Businesses want tailored solutions that stand out rather than generic labelling. Digital printing supports this with versatility in label shapes, sizes, colours and content.
  • Shift towards sustainability – Eco-friendly labelling materials like plant-based plastics and recycled paper are gaining popularity due to rising environmental awareness.
  • Smart labels and IoT – Labels and packages with near-field communication (NFC), QR codes, RFID and sensors enable connectivity, interactivity and data capture for better consumer engagement and supply chain tracking.
  • Compliance with regulations – With both local and international regulations getting stringent, companies are relying on labelling experts to ensure compliance.
  • High visual impact – Branded labels and packaging need to attract customer attention on crowded shelves. Special finishes, textures, holograms, etc. are being used more for differentiation.
  • Rise of online shopping – E-commerce growth is creating demand for tailored packaging and labels for shipping products directly to consumers.


As a leading packaging and labelling hub, the UAE provides an ideal base for companies to create solutions aligned with global trends while meeting regional requirements. Investing in world-class production technologies and skills will continue to drive the rapid growth of this industry.

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