Kavan Choksi Discusses the Three Step Process Followed by Modern Business Consultants

Business Consultants

Business consultants are professionals who work closely with discerning managers and business owners. They help clients to improve their business operations and efficiency, grow and expand their venue, as well as maintain existing positive trends. As per Kavan Choksi, providers of business consulting services often act as partners when it comes to identifying and overcoming the obstacles that arise along a company’s path to meet its goals.

Kavan Choksi briefly underlines the three step process maintained by business consultants

Running a small or midsize business can often be quite challenging due to the sheer number of tasks that have to be carried out. Right from technical support and human resources to accounting, small business owners may have to manage multiple aspects of business all by themselves. Planning and conducting all these tasks can get overwhelming. Hence, rather than trying to do it all by themselves, business owners may seek out the assistance of experienced business consultants. These professionals typically have an expansive array of skills and are always ready to help business owners with their endeavors. They provide management consulting services to improve the efficiency and performance of varied businesses. Business consultants take steps to analyze a business and based on the insights acquired they develop solutions to help the companies meet their goals.

Business owners must consider hiring professional business consultants when they need assistance or perspective on their chosen path, or require a catalyst for change in their companies. Usually, business consultants follow a three step process: discovery, evaluation and implementation.

  • Discovery: The very first step of business consulting ideally is the discovery phase. The business consultant tries to learn as much as possible about the venture of their clients in this phase. They may tour the business facilities, meet with the board of directors and employees, analyze the finances of the company, as well as read all company materials.  The business consultant would try to uncover the details of the mission and current operations of the business at this phase.
  • Evaluation: As a business consultant gains an in-depth understanding of the company, they step into the evaluation phase. This phase is focused on identifying where change is required. It includes identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a company, along with its current and foreseeable problems. Business consultants typically study the problems that the owners and management have already identified first. The objectivity and expertise of business consultants make them well suited to pinpoint new or unforeseen issues as well. These consultants subsequently strategize solutions to the issues they have identified and try to outline ways to capitalize on opportunities to improve efficiency, increase profits and grow business.
  • Implementation: After formulating a solid plan, the business consultant proceeds to the third phase. In this phase, the consultant builds on the assets of a business and eliminates liabilities. They also work towards monitoring the plan’s progress and adjust it as per requirements.

In the opinion of Kavan Choksi, business consultants may even help their clients to carry out a competitive analysis and learn pertinent information about market saturation, new opportunities as well as industry best practices.


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